• Are your resources Exam Board specific?
    Yes. We produce resources tailored to new AQA specification and general GCSE science resources.
  • What subjects does the package cover?
    The whole science department : Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
  • What does it include?

- A full set of topic summaries for Biology, Chemistry and Physics GCSE divided into 25 topics
- Foundation and Higher Tier Assessments for each topic (50 assessments)
- Full marking schemes
- Individual logins for each teacher in the department
- A 'master' hardcopy of all resources (for easy photocopying)

How do teachers use it?
Our package has been designed by working teachers, so we've made it as flexible as possible for teachers to use on a day-to-day basis in schools.

- Project the online version to teach/revise as part of your lesson.
- Use the clickable links to show short handpicked videos (from a bank of over 1,200 videos we've watched and vetted for the best content).
- Click on the practice question links to set classwork or homework.
- Download detailed end-of-topic assessments (foundation and higher tier) for each topic.
- Use the mastercopy to produce copies of topic summaries, practice questions and assessments for ALL students. These have QR codes and Google shortcodes to provide the same links as the online version for 'at home' work and revision.

Can our students use the online version?
Yes, we have extra options for schools (or individual students) to access the topic summaries for learning and revision on any PC, Tablet or Mobile device. Please ask about our thinkie student books.

How much does it cost?

Our thinkie schools package costs just £499

Our individual student access starts from £15