Thinkie Pack for Science Departments
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- Video Links
- Practice Questions
- Downloadable Foundation and Higher Tier Assessments and Marking Schemes
- Separate and Combined Content Marked for Easy Teaching
- High quality MASTER hard copy of the whole package for school photocopy use.
- 1 year
Thinkie Books for Individual Students
- Topic Summaries
- Video Links
- Practice Questions
- 1 year
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Science Topics Available for the new GCSE 2016 specification


- Cell Biology
- Organisation
- Infection and Response
- Bioenergetics
- Homeostasis and Response
- Inheritance, Variation and Evolution
- Ecology


- Atomic Structure and The Periodic Table
- Bonding Structures and Properties of Matter
- Quantitative Chemistry
- Chemical Changes
- Energy Changes
- The Rate and Extent of Chemical Change
- Organic Chemistry
- Chemical Analysis
- Chemistry of our Atmosphere
- Using Resources


- Energy
- Electricity
- Particle Model of Matter
- Atomic Structure
- Forces
- Waves
- Magnetism and Electromagnetism
- Space Physics