About Us

Hello! Everyone here at Thinkie has been a science teacher. We also have various backgrounds in lab research and have racked up over 40 years in secondary teaching between us.

We believe Thinkie is an extremely high quality product that we needed to help us when we were teaching!

We hope our enthusiasm for creating imaginative resources becomes obvious as you explore our Thinkie pack for schools.

What we cover in our package.........

- Cell Biology
- Organisation
- Infection and Response
- Bioenergetics
- Homeostasis and Response
- Inheritance, Variation and Evolution
- Ecology

- Atomic Structure and The Periodic Table
- Bonding Structures and Properties of Matter
- Quantitative Chemistry
- Chemical Changes
- Energy Changes
- The Rate and Extent of Chemical Change
- Organic Chemistry
- Chemical Analysis
- Chemistry of our Atmosphere
- Using Resources

- Energy
- Electricity
- Particle Model of Matter
- Atomic Structure
- Forces
- Waves
- Magnetism and Electromagnetism
- Space Physics